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Leap Motion

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller lets you interface with your computer by using simple hand motions in the air. The future is now.

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  • Expand your Universe with the Civilization Beyond Earth Pre-Order Bonus

    Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth - Preorder Bonus Exoplanet Map Pack.jpg


    Get ready to colonize the cosmos because Sid Meier's Civilization is going Beyond Earth. This new science-fiction-themed entry in the award-winning Civilization franchise will explore humanity's future, as players blast-off from Earth and form new settlements on distant alien worlds.


    Civilization: Beyond Earth is sure to be one of the hottest games coming to Windows PC this fall, and by pre-ordering at Future Shop, not only will you be first in line to get your copy on October 24, but you'll also receive the exclusive "Exoplanets Map Pack" just for reserving!

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  • Review: Monster Adidas originals over-ear and in-ear headphones

    adidas in ear 1.jpgWhile headphone technology is advancing, headphone styling is also becoming more important to consumers, because we’re tired of having the choice between just black or white.  Today you can get the aforementioned shades, plus gold, silver, and nearly any colour on the wheel plus skulls, and bling, not to mention UFC or famous rapper partnerships. Enter a cool collaboration between Monster and Adidas that give you stylish sound with all the audio quality you could want.

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  • How to Find the Perfect Stovetop for your Home



    Are you re-designing your kitchen and thinking about purchasing a new stovetop? Deciding between gas or electric? It’s fair to say that most professional chefs choose a gas stove for their home – but is it right for you? We’ll look into the different types of stovetops and find out the best option for your kitchen.

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  • Compared: Canon's Rebel T5 and Rebel T5i Digital SLR Cameras


    The letter i has been an important distinction for many brands over the past few years; notably adding it to “Pod”, “Phone”, and “Pad” has been a recipe for success for a certain brand. Canon has had “i” added to their Tx line of cameras since the venerable T2i, and the T5i was the latest in this line-up in 2013. 


    In early 2014 Canon announcing the upcoming release of a new camera in the Tx family: the T5. It was like the T5i - better in some feature categories, while the T5i was better in others. Suitably confused yet? Yeah, me too. That’s why we’re taking a look at these cameras today and deciphering who they’re for, because there’s an audience for both. Let’s get moving and find out which one is right for you, yeah? 


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